Dear ELT Community,

This is a very special year for our country, for it will host the World Cup and everyone will be involved in this world-wide famous sports event one way or the other. Most schools will interrupt their classes in mid-June and also resume their activities earlier in July, as soon as the event ends. For this reason, our 10th CTJ TEFL Seminar will be shorter this year, only one day. This doesn’t mean, though, that it will not have the excellent quality that has been a trademark of what has now become a well-known event nationwide. We hope to continue expanding our discussion of best practices in ELT and the challenges ahead.  Since it is going to be our 10th TEFL Seminar, the slogan for this year will be “Daring and doing: the first decade”.

When?          July 18th

Where?         Casa Thomas Jefferson Asa Norte

Address?       SGAN 606 Bloco B – L2 Norte Brasília, Distrito Federal


Isabela Villas Boas